About Us

Our mission is to restore quality of life to more than 5 million back pain sufferers with our revolutionary back support technology. Our patented “START” brace provides controllable spinal traction while allowing the wearer to move in multiple directions, which enables the user to perform daily living activities in a pain free environment. In essence, we are offering “traction on the go” with a device that is backed by extensive laboratory testing and positive preliminary clinical feedback. We expect that improved therapy outcomes can eliminate the need for spinal surgery, saving individuals with low back pain $100k on average.

The START Brace

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Meet the Team!

Stewart Young
Stewart has over 20 years in the medical device industry with heavy engineering experience in R&D, product development, and project management. With his leadership and direction we are sure to have a successful product.
Denis DiAngelo
Dr. DiAngelo is a distinguished member of the UTSHC faculty, spending the past 25 years researching Biomechanics in the BioRobotics Laboratory. During this time he has developed an advanced robotic testing platform used to evaluate a number of biomechanical properties - including braces! This is where it all started. Through extensive testing on this platform, we have been able to fabricate a novel spinal orthosis that not only distracts the spine, but enables movement!
Daniel Hoyer
Daniel began as an understudy to Dr. DiAngelo at the UTHSC Joint Biomedical Engineering Program in the Fall of 2016 with a focus in spinal bracing. Daniel has his Mechanical Engineering Degree and two years of Design Engineering/CAD experience prior to starting his graduate studies.
Chloe Chung
Chloe is also a student of Dr. DiAngelo and after receiving her Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering in the Spring of 2016, began work on a PhD. In addition to academics, Chloe brings many years of experience evaluating bracing and product development.